A sprinkle for babies.

Baby Sprinkle (noun): A smaller version of  a Baby Shower.

It was our cousin’s baby sprinkle and although I didn’t get to snap all the cutesy details of everything (ahem- ahem ice cream bar!!) Check out the dessert table! C U T E.

and only thee most rockin’ Auntie would make such an awesome Diaper Cake, i.e. ME.


Fashion’s Night Out


9/6/12- Fashion’s Night Out!

Although I was slightly under the weather the girlies and I decided to stop by some local areas to check out the scene, oh and for some free goodies ❤

 It’s been lovely seeing everyone else’s pictures, hope you all had a lovely time as well!


Trim the bottom + Bangs

Someoneeee got a new haircut! For some random reason as soon as I am seated on that chair and asked the notrious question

“What did you want to do today”

My staple response- trim the bottom + bangs

Why the bangs you ask, no idea. I admire those girls who tend to change their hair each time they hit up the salon. But alas, the last time I did that I chopped off my hair and been waiting for it to grow back ever since! After my little choppychop enjoyed the rest of my day by getting some red velvet latte and lazily chilled around the house watching Entourage all afternoon.

Red Velvet Latte c/o Never Too Latte

Maxi Dress: AX/ Ariel Bracelet + Tank: Tobi.com/ Horseshoe Necklace: HOH1960/ VintageClutch: Gucci

Adieu and Hello

It was only yesterday when I started working the family- like, startup-like/fun environment of tobi.com.  I have since been given the opportunity to embark on a new journey and start working at bebe corp.!

So to tobi.com thanks for the wonderful experience, all the laughs and good times, I bid adieu…

To bebe corp., hello!


Cheers to life!

Fall for Layers

So I know that the official start of Fall is still about a month or so away, but I can’t wait for the season to arrive! It’s probably one of my most favorite seasons of the year, at least style wise, mainly due to the fact that it’s the perfect time to pile on those layers. If you know me, you know I’m all about my layers! Scarves over sweaters over dresses over tights all day everyday!

Cardi: UrbanOutfitters/ CrochetDress: UrbanOutfitters/ CircleScarf: F21/ OxfordDesertBoots: Clarks/ Cross-BodyBag: Madewell

Something about…


Something about low or backless tops that makes me happy! I especially love the front beaded lines and low [enough to wear a bra] back on this sweater. For some reason it is this sweater and this $1 thirfted skirt that I tend to turn  with just about any piece of clothing  when all else fails and I’m running late on a Monday.

Low Back Sweater: AX/ Vintage Plaid Skirt: Thrifted/ Heels: VS.com


Split down the middle

I”m not sure about you guys, but my hair tends to have a mind of its own! On this particular day it decided to part itself and split in the middle. Kind of having mixed feelings about it (love/hate kinda deal), guess we’ll just have to see what it wants to do now up until I finally give up on my laziness and get a hair cut!

Plaid + Purple Mini: H&M/ Sweater Vest: F21/ Vintage Belt + Crystal Necklace: My mama/ Tote: Gucci/ Heels: Jessica Simpson

Top Arm Candy- Teeney Bracelet: Unknown/ Positive Bracelet + Spiked to the Curb Bracelet: tobi.com/ Hawaiian Bangle: Hawaii/ Watch: MK

Bottom Arm Candy- Ariel Bracelet + Dragon Claw Bracelet: tobi.com

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SF Street Food Festivities

Alongside my cousins I  enjoyed some yummy treats at the San Francisco Street Food Festival  over the weekend =) There were lots of different vendors and although there were long lines they went by pretty quickly! Definitely good times..

Here are some highlights from the festival:

 Slanted Door /chicken with sriracha butter!

$3 Jambalaya


The infamous Bi- Rite Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Three Twins Ice Cream in practically every flavor, especially Mint Confetti ❤

Aviators: RayBan/ Top: tobi.com/ High waist mini: H&M/ Vintage Boots: Thrifted/ Purse: Vintage Ferragamo/ Arm candy: Misc.

Playing in the city

Had some family from Seattle come to town the other week so I took the day off to play and galavant around the city! Although I’ve lived here my whole life, there’s something about playing tourist in your own town that’s always fun.  And living in SF there’s always something different or new to try or see! Here are some quick snaps from that day.

Cardi: tobi.com/ SheerBlouse: H&M/ Leggings+Necklace: F21/ WedgeBoots: VictoriaSecret.com/ Tote: Gucci/ Aviators: Rayban

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

The few the proud…

It’s crazy how fast the past two weeks have gone by. From his surprise arrival straight from the desert to all the sleepless nights, all the laughter, alcohol consumption, good times and bad this guy always breaks tears with his departures.

What’s more heart breaking is to think that instead of heading back to another base safe and sound to do his job…

he’s off to fight for our country.

It’s only been a few days and without his presence the house feels  much emptier and quieter. I miss you kubs ❤ take care and thanks for helping to defend our country.

I’ll be thinking and praying for your safe arrival back home.

Let’s bring our troops home.