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Catch-up and Mustard

Random post name, I know. But this year the holidays seems to be whizzing past me and I’m trying my absolute very best to keep up! As you can see Jam and I had a very wonderful Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping you all had a great time with loved ones and bellies full of good food =)

We here in the Bay Area normally do not experience “seasonal” weather. Perfect example, while most of America was in Fall the Bay Area was in full effect of an Indian Summer. Weird, yeah I know, but I absolutely loveeee it! That’s one of the many reasons why I love my city.

With that said, may I add that it is now Beanie Season!! I do love myself a warm and cute beanie to keep my head warm, cover a bad hair day and to simply be lazy. Check it out and stay warm folks!

-picture taken from Treasure Island-

— mannnn I love SF!



Trip down memory lane.

Bundling myself up as the rainy weather hits up the SF Bay Area. Speaking of — this chilly weather reminds me of my trip to Chi- City (Chicago, IL) just about a year ago! Super cold, but super fun!! I def want to go back both in the cold and warm time! But I do have some trips already set in my mind for 2013 so unless there’s another airline sale, guess we’ll just have to wait and see! Anywhoo! Here’s wishing you all a lovely rest of the week. Stay warm folks!

Now.. a trip down memory lane, enjoy some pics from my Chicago 2012 trip with @daylachris

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October = Pumpkin patches and tipis

Where has the time gone? September seems to have just come and gone. Just last weekend on a scenic drive down towards Half Moon Bay we stumbled upon a lovely pumpkin patch =) With rows and rows of pumpkins I found myself enjoying the tipi much more. I’ve been contemplating on what to be for Halloween and I’m at a standstill at the moment. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Scary Kids Scaring Kids Band Tee: BF’s/ Cardi: Shorts: F21/ Leopard Wedges: Target

Collecting dust.


Due to my favoring of other clothing pieces, I seemed to have neglected this sequined gem in my closet collecting dust. But now that I’ve re-kindled with this lovely piece you may be seeing it more often as it’s such a versatile piece and goes with just about everything and anything!

Sequin Jacket: H&M | High Waist Shorts: Old Navy | ‘Adorable’ Wedges + Purse: L.A.M.B


A sprinkle for babies.

Baby Sprinkle (noun): A smaller version of  a Baby Shower.

It was our cousin’s baby sprinkle and although I didn’t get to snap all the cutesy details of everything (ahem- ahem ice cream bar!!) Check out the dessert table! C U T E.

and only thee most rockin’ Auntie would make such an awesome Diaper Cake, i.e. ME.

Fashion’s Night Out


9/6/12- Fashion’s Night Out!

Although I was slightly under the weather the girlies and I decided to stop by some local areas to check out the scene, oh and for some free goodies ❤

 It’s been lovely seeing everyone else’s pictures, hope you all had a lovely time as well!


Trim the bottom + Bangs

Someoneeee got a new haircut! For some random reason as soon as I am seated on that chair and asked the notrious question

“What did you want to do today”

My staple response- trim the bottom + bangs

Why the bangs you ask, no idea. I admire those girls who tend to change their hair each time they hit up the salon. But alas, the last time I did that I chopped off my hair and been waiting for it to grow back ever since! After my little choppychop enjoyed the rest of my day by getting some red velvet latte and lazily chilled around the house watching Entourage all afternoon.

Red Velvet Latte c/o Never Too Latte

Maxi Dress: AX/ Ariel Bracelet + Tank: Horseshoe Necklace: HOH1960/ VintageClutch: Gucci

Adieu and Hello

It was only yesterday when I started working the family- like, startup-like/fun environment of  I have since been given the opportunity to embark on a new journey and start working at bebe corp.!

So to thanks for the wonderful experience, all the laughs and good times, I bid adieu…

To bebe corp., hello!


Cheers to life!

Something about…


Something about low or backless tops that makes me happy! I especially love the front beaded lines and low [enough to wear a bra] back on this sweater. For some reason it is this sweater and this $1 thirfted skirt that I tend to turn  with just about any piece of clothing  when all else fails and I’m running late on a Monday.

Low Back Sweater: AX/ Vintage Plaid Skirt: Thrifted/ Heels:


Split down the middle

I”m not sure about you guys, but my hair tends to have a mind of its own! On this particular day it decided to part itself and split in the middle. Kind of having mixed feelings about it (love/hate kinda deal), guess we’ll just have to see what it wants to do now up until I finally give up on my laziness and get a hair cut!

Plaid + Purple Mini: H&M/ Sweater Vest: F21/ Vintage Belt + Crystal Necklace: My mama/ Tote: Gucci/ Heels: Jessica Simpson

Top Arm Candy- Teeney Bracelet: Unknown/ Positive Bracelet + Spiked to the Curb Bracelet: Hawaiian Bangle: Hawaii/ Watch: MK

Bottom Arm Candy- Ariel Bracelet + Dragon Claw Bracelet:

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