Trim the bottom + Bangs

Someoneeee got a new haircut! For some random reason as soon as I am seated on that chair and asked the notrious question

“What did you want to do today”

My staple response- trim the bottom + bangs

Why the bangs you ask, no idea. I admire those girls who tend to change their hair each time they hit up the salon. But alas, the last time I did that I chopped off my hair and been waiting for it to grow back ever since! After my little choppychop enjoyed the rest of my day by getting some red velvet latte and lazily chilled around the house watching Entourage all afternoon.

Red Velvet Latte c/o Never Too Latte

Maxi Dress: AX/ Ariel Bracelet + Tank: Horseshoe Necklace: HOH1960/ VintageClutch: Gucci


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One response to “Trim the bottom + Bangs”

  1. prettyfrenemy says :

    Cool outfit! 🙂

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