Recap: Outside Lands Festival 2012 – Day 2

Hey there folks! Here’s the second installment of my recap for Outside Lands. With the first day jitters out of the way, by the time day 2 came along, we were practically pro’s maneuvering our way around the Park and getting the timing down for sets.

I figured Saturday would be our longest day, so it would be best to bust out with thee best outfit I had planned, maxi skirt and all.

RoyalMaxiSkirt: Tobi / Necklace: ModCloth/ BowlerHat: MetroPark / Toms

Started the second day off with Geographer at the Twin Peaks stage. Their set was a great way to start off the day, as the sun came to peek out during their performance. It’s crazy to see how far the band has come. I remember when I first interviewed them for the CW when they were but a wee up-and-coming band. Now they’re selling out shows and playing the big stage at Outside Lands! I must say…Geographer really stepped their game up!

Next to the Foo Fighters, I would say the Alabama Shakes put on one of the most kick-ass performances of the weekend. Lead singer Brittany Howard is a force to be reckoned with!  Her voice was heart-achingly awe-inspiring, and you could just feel the emotion poring out of her with every breath.  I was totally blown away by the band’s performance. Definitely a pleasant surprise.

Things got rather loud and rambunctious towards the end of the day. Caught a bit of Passion Pit’s set. They were super fun! Also, got to do some dancing out at the Heineken DJ Dome with Saves The Robot on the turntables. Never thought I would have as much fun as I did at the dome.

Our Saturday came to a close as Metallica took the stage. It was pretty much over once they began to play. The band just absolutely killed it. Holy crap were they LOUD! We were barely half way towards our way to the stage when there was just this huggge wall of sound. Flames and pyrotechnics were going off everywhere. Totally insane! Gotta love Metallica. \m/


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