3 doses

Sometimes you just have to have coffee. There was a short period of time when I was able to suffice with a cup or two of tea with sugar + cream to last me for the day. Now I’m not quite sure how I was able  to survive. Kinda got to a point where I cannot function without that heavenly goodness in a cup.

When I go to coffee shops I tend to get the usual, Soy White Mochas with Whip or an occasional Upsidedown Soy Carmel Mocchiato. Just to be daring I’ve been ordering a Hazelnut Soy Misto =) What’s your usual cup’a joe?

On this particular day, I found myself dousing my little body in just about 3 cups and to no avail did the caffeine hit.. hmm just one of those days I guess!

Dress: 5+year old Dress from AX/ Vintage Belt + College Ring: My momma’s/ Necklace: Gifted/ Wedges: Jessica Simpson

First time making some Rice Krispy Mustache Treats for a co-worker as it was his birthday/ little pre- wedding present as well.

Congrats Joshy ❤


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3 responses to “3 doses”

  1. KERRIN says :

    adorable! thanks for the comment girlie xx

  2. claire says :

    i’m definately a tea girl myself! 🙂

  3. Tereza says :

    You look gorgeous, I love the dress.

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