Stone Walls and Angus Stone

There’s just something about stone walls that seem to make me gravitate toward them. Something about their texture…

Maybe it’s their dilapidated-looking, yet sturdy construction. Maybe it’s their association with fortresses and castles. Or it could be the fact that I’m a wallflower, and I just happen to like walls in general. Whatever it is…stone walls are cool! And they make me want to take photographs against them!

No stony faces here. Only smiles! 😀

Aztec Top: Nasty Gal/ Skinny Jeans: Rider boots: Steve Madden/ Spiked Necklace:

While we are on the topic of stones, I figure this would be a great time to introduce you to a new artist by the name of Angus Stone. Well, he’s not really new. Some may know him as one-half of the brother-and-sister indie duo Angus & Julia Stone. He just recently released a solo album of his own, and it is pretty darn good!

The album is called Broken Brights. Take a listen to the title track below! Also, feel free to listen to a stream the entire album on It’s the perfect kind of music to zone out to or for solitary summer night drives.


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