3 day weekend

Weekend warrior mode though. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one to wonder why weekends are so short. And I’m pretty sure that we’d all be just a bit more productive if we had just another day of rest for the long work week ahead.

Alrighty, enough random complain banter. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend =) Mine was a side of errands with a main course of lots of good company and surprisingly more than enough bbq and booze!

Both outfit pictures were taken the same day, just put my hair down as I saw it was not looking fly at. all.

Tank: Boys Hanes/ Skirt: Tobi.com/ Vintage Navajo Print Belt: Thrifted/ Rose Wedges: Betsey Johnson/ Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse: Thrifted

flowers picked straight from zee backyard

pineapple/ redbull/ cranberry vodkas. oh, and my hottie twin besties.


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2 responses to “3 day weekend”

  1. Style without style says :

    Nice outfit,love your skirt and this floral top is amazing 😀

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