Mumford Monday

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! I know what you’re thinking: *grumble* *groan* “Another start of the work week. Boo!” But, to all you indie music fans out there, I’ve got some good news that’ll rid you of any case of Monday Blues. 

This morning, British folk band Mumford & Sons have officially announced the release of their second album. The follow up to their sensational debut is called ‘Babel’, and it is set for release on September 25. Take a peak at the artwork and track list below:


Babel track list:
“Whispers in the Dark”
“I Will Wait”
“Holland Road”
“Ghosts That We Knew”
“Lover of the Light
“Lovers’ Eyes”
“Hopeless Wanderer”
“Broken Crown”
“Below My Feet”
“Not With Haste”

Check out more details on the band’s website:

In lieu of Mumford & Son’s album announcement, here are 3 random facts related to the band:

1. Lead singer Marcus Mumford married fellow British actress Carey Mulligan in April of this year. Carey is a celebrity, who I personally feel has great style! She is classic, elegant, yet unique all at the same time. Though it may seem like the cliche actress and rockstar coupling, the newlyweds actually have a really cute story behind their relationship. Carey and Marcus have known each other since they were children, and they became pen-pals and good friends through their church in London. It was just recently where they reconnected and it turned out to be a love connection.



2. I recently began teaching myself how to play the banjo, and Mumford & Sons is one of the big reasons why I picked up this awesome stringed instrument. You can find a pic of my banjo below. His name is Benji. (Yes, Benji the banjo)



3. I actually met the band! Well, at least half of them. I used to blog for a indie show called B-Sides, and I helped out with an interview. Below is a pic of me with Marcus and Ben of the band. They were super awesome chaps! 🙂




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