Fresh Jams: Kimbra

Many may recognize her as that one girl who sang alongside Australian sensation Gotye in the smash hit “Somebody that I Used to Know.” However, if you ever got the chance to listen to her music or witness her on stage, you’d see that Kimbra is a star in her own right.

Kimbra’s debut album “Vows” was released stateside in May of this year and is poised to make a big splash. It is easily one of my favs so far with its blend of different genres and eclectic flavor.

I recently got to see her open up for Foster the People, and she was uh-mazing! Not only did she put on a kick-ass performance, but I couldn’t help but notice what awesome style she had. It is a perfect reflection of her music: colorful, fun, and quirky. Think lots of sequins, beading, paillettes, and heaps of tulle.

The person responsible for Kimbra’s wonderful wardrobe is up-and-coming Australian designer Jaime Lee. She’s definitely a name to watch out for, as she has a bunch of celebrity collaborations lined up and has a new collection in the works this year. Lee is only doing custom-orders at the moment, but you can get your hands on her one-of-a-kind designs through her website.

Be sure to check out Kimbra’s debut album “Vows” out everywhere! It is certifiably deemed FRESH in my book! Take a listen to one of the album’s bonus tracks below, featuring DJ A-Trak and Mark Foster from Foster the People.


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