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3 doses

Sometimes you just have to have coffee. There was a short period of time when I was able to suffice with a cup or two of tea with sugar + cream to last me for the day. Now I’m not quite sure how I was able  to survive. Kinda got to a point where I cannot function without that heavenly goodness in a cup.

When I go to coffee shops I tend to get the usual, Soy White Mochas with Whip or an occasional Upsidedown Soy Carmel Mocchiato. Just to be daring I’ve been ordering a Hazelnut Soy Misto =) What’s your usual cup’a joe?

On this particular day, I found myself dousing my little body in just about 3 cups and to no avail did the caffeine hit.. hmm just one of those days I guess!

Dress: 5+year old Dress from AX/ Vintage Belt + College Ring: My momma’s/ Necklace: Gifted/ Wedges: Jessica Simpson

First time making some Rice Krispy Mustache Treats for a co-worker as it was his birthday/ little pre- wedding present as well.

Congrats Joshy ❤


These are a few of my favorite things…

We all have those little things in life that make us smile =D With that said, I think  I shall start a series of posts which show case a few of my favorite things at the moment. What are your faves or the little things in life that make you smile?

– My Jeffrey Campbell str8ups –

(which seem to match with everything/ anything)

– My Reverse Floral Studded Bustier

(it’s girly, yet edgy and goes great with high waist anythings)

-Kit Kats-

(cuz you can always use a Kit Kat break)

– Cute Boys in VNecks and Glasses & esp. Puppies-

(absolute fave)

Stone Walls and Angus Stone

There’s just something about stone walls that seem to make me gravitate toward them. Something about their texture…

Maybe it’s their dilapidated-looking, yet sturdy construction. Maybe it’s their association with fortresses and castles. Or it could be the fact that I’m a wallflower, and I just happen to like walls in general. Whatever it is…stone walls are cool! And they make me want to take photographs against them!

No stony faces here. Only smiles! 😀

Aztec Top: Nasty Gal/ Skinny Jeans: Rider boots: Steve Madden/ Spiked Necklace:

While we are on the topic of stones, I figure this would be a great time to introduce you to a new artist by the name of Angus Stone. Well, he’s not really new. Some may know him as one-half of the brother-and-sister indie duo Angus & Julia Stone. He just recently released a solo album of his own, and it is pretty darn good!

The album is called Broken Brights. Take a listen to the title track below! Also, feel free to listen to a stream the entire album on It’s the perfect kind of music to zone out to or for solitary summer night drives.

3 day weekend

Weekend warrior mode though. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one to wonder why weekends are so short. And I’m pretty sure that we’d all be just a bit more productive if we had just another day of rest for the long work week ahead.

Alrighty, enough random complain banter. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend =) Mine was a side of errands with a main course of lots of good company and surprisingly more than enough bbq and booze!

Both outfit pictures were taken the same day, just put my hair down as I saw it was not looking fly at. all.

Tank: Boys Hanes/ Skirt: Vintage Navajo Print Belt: Thrifted/ Rose Wedges: Betsey Johnson/ Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse: Thrifted

flowers picked straight from zee backyard

pineapple/ redbull/ cranberry vodkas. oh, and my hottie twin besties.


If you haven’t already, check out our IGs. Rest assure we don’t only take pictures of our food but #ootd’s (Outfit Of The Day)

Here are a few from before:



Wig-Stachin’ Out

Okay, so there is something you must know about me. I have a small obsession with mustaches. Heck, I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to them. They’re just so fuzzy, cute, and awesome! Need I say more?

Today was the day I was most looking forward to for our spirit week at work. Today was Wig-Stache Wednesday! I wanted to go all out and have a full-on Grizzly Adams. However, I decided to go for a more subtle, yet classic look. Luckily, I had a handy dandy adhesive handlebar mustache from a Scoutmob event I attended one day. I topped off my snazzy ‘stache with a matching bowler hat and mustache necklace (double ‘stache power!!!).

Twirlin’ my ‘stache

Yes, that is my iPhone cover covered in mustaches

Wig-stachin’ out at Tobi


FYI – not only do we have a blog together but we also work together =)

So for all those keeping tabs, we’re cousins, we blog together, work together and yes we share clothes.

Anywhoo, we work for and it’s loads and loads of fun! This week is Spirit Week! Here are some photos of us with our co- workers playing in the studio on ‘Time Warp Tuesday’

Mumford Monday

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! I know what you’re thinking: *grumble* *groan* “Another start of the work week. Boo!” But, to all you indie music fans out there, I’ve got some good news that’ll rid you of any case of Monday Blues. 

This morning, British folk band Mumford & Sons have officially announced the release of their second album. The follow up to their sensational debut is called ‘Babel’, and it is set for release on September 25. Take a peak at the artwork and track list below:


Babel track list:
“Whispers in the Dark”
“I Will Wait”
“Holland Road”
“Ghosts That We Knew”
“Lover of the Light
“Lovers’ Eyes”
“Hopeless Wanderer”
“Broken Crown”
“Below My Feet”
“Not With Haste”

Check out more details on the band’s website:

In lieu of Mumford & Son’s album announcement, here are 3 random facts related to the band:

1. Lead singer Marcus Mumford married fellow British actress Carey Mulligan in April of this year. Carey is a celebrity, who I personally feel has great style! She is classic, elegant, yet unique all at the same time. Though it may seem like the cliche actress and rockstar coupling, the newlyweds actually have a really cute story behind their relationship. Carey and Marcus have known each other since they were children, and they became pen-pals and good friends through their church in London. It was just recently where they reconnected and it turned out to be a love connection.



2. I recently began teaching myself how to play the banjo, and Mumford & Sons is one of the big reasons why I picked up this awesome stringed instrument. You can find a pic of my banjo below. His name is Benji. (Yes, Benji the banjo)



3. I actually met the band! Well, at least half of them. I used to blog for a indie show called B-Sides, and I helped out with an interview. Below is a pic of me with Marcus and Ben of the band. They were super awesome chaps! 🙂



Front tucked in.

My ideal kinda day. In just about an hour drove away from foggy SF 59degree weather to sunny SJ 79degree weather. From there an errand was made, good food was eaten, drinks were consumed and clothes were shopped for.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend =]



Not to fret, although this day marks as one of the most superstituous days, ever. You’d be happy to know that it is also…


So in addition to a Happy Friday the 13th, I also wish you all a lovely Happy Fry Day (get it, Fry Day… FRIDAY)

I intend to full on celebrating such a great day as I could eat fries all dayyyy and I hope you all do as well. This weekend looks to be a chill one, sounds good to me as the weather in the Bay Area looks as if it’s perfect cuddle weather. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!